Message from the Director

Shaishav School was started in 1985 with the basic objective of providing an equal platform to the regular students and the children with special needs within the same campus. Since then, it has come to be recognized as an institute with a vision to educate for life, balancing both the knowledge and the art of living to face the challenges. Shaishav School provides a range of experiences designed to facilitate not only academic excellence but also to nurture the emotional intelligence and enhance the Social-Spiritual Quotient of its students. Aadhar strives to provide independence, both social and economic, to its students to make them worthy citizens of society. The basic objective is to facilitate the growth of each student into a balanced individual by ensuring his/her holistic development. The dedicated and highly motivated team of educators is inspired to achieve new heights of professional excellence and continually strive to explore new avenues of teaching.

Effective communication skills in English, ability to filter process and apply information for problem-solving, decision making and diligence is fostered in each & every child. I am confident that our institute will continue to live up to the expectations of all those who seek to enter its portals.


Director-( INFLED)
Ms. Roli Khan